We are keeping workers working, providing basic income and feeding families in San Antonio.
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shift done together.
Restaurants & Hospitality Companies
Hospitality companies across our region offered critical support and opportunities to their affected workers and staff.
Non-profits & Organizations
Community organizations that supply critical food and meals were supported by a new, paid workforce of volunteers.
Helped by working shifts at local, participating non-profits in our region. They went to work in a new role: helping their community.
Food and the Pandemic: Recipe for Disaster
Get Shift Done for San Antonio is using the Shiftsmart platform to connect displaced hospitality workers with shifts paying $13 an hour to prepare, package, and distribute food at the SAFB.
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Get Shift Done Initiative Provides Flexible Work Opportunities for Unemployed San Antonians
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program Get Shift Done has provided paid opportunities to over 1,000 unemployed San Antonians willing to pick up work on a shift-by-shift basis for nonprofit organizations.
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CEO of H-E-B, Charles Butt donates $500K to United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County
The donation from Mr. Butt will support the local Get Shift Done initiative led by United Way.
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Coronavirus update San Antonio, May 28: Mayor Nirenberg discusses ways to help those in need during the pandemic
United Way partnering with nonprofits to help people in need.
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