Our model brings stabilization to economies by putting skilled shift workers back to work in their communities.
The Get Shift Done Model

Our Get Shift Done model connects restaurant industry partners, non-profits and skilled workers through our technology platform powered by Shiftsmart.  This platform instantly connects and coordinates shift needs and matches them with skilled workers.

Shiftsmart creates the ability to deliver high volume coordination across multiple companies and locations. In-platform capabilities include onboarding, scheduling, dispatch, direct-to-worker messaging, payment channels and worker incentives and reviews.

Restaurants provide critical skilled work pool of servers, prep and shift managers. Food banks are powered by these skilled workers that pack, prep, organize and deliver meals. Collection points distribute these meals to people in need.

All of this provides basic incomes for workers, answers the spike in need for volunteers at food pantries and non-profits while providing hunger relief. The cummulative effect is a stabilization of a local economy that puts people back to work serving the communities they call home.