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We are connecting the affected food service and hospitality workforce with local nonprofits to serve and provide hunger relief to San Antonio and Bexar County communities.

The COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted the San Antonio food service industry and put our already at-risk populations in desperate need of meals. The nonprofit organizations that serve so much of this population are experiencing a spike in the need for volunteers to meet the escalating demand for their services.

Get Shift Done for San Antonio was launched to address both food service workers who have lost their paychecks and provide immediate support for the demand of our nonprofit partners providing food service for people in need. The work addresses three critical needs in one: nonprofit support, hunger relief and stabilizing incomes.

The Get Shift Done for San Antonio initiative is a joint effort of local partners led by United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County and funded by a grant from San Antonio’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund. The program coordinates, schedules, and pays adversely affected hourly workers in the hospitality industry to work shifts for San Antonio and neighboring communities, including New Braunfels.

The initiative provides wages of $13 an hour to workers left jobless by the coronavirus pandemic. These workers are filling the critical roles of assembling, preparing and providing meals that, prior to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, were performed by volunteers. Shiftsmart technology is used to register workers for shifts and manages the onboarding, matching, scheduling, dispatching, and routing of workers to perform shifts.

People who know food are helping people who need food.

Thank you for your financial support to bridge this temporary gap for our fellow citizens.  


Who is Get Shift Done

What is the mission of Get Shift Done?

Get Shift Done is connecting the hospitality workforce affected by the COVID-19 virus with local non-profits to serve and provide hunger relief to San Antonio communities.

How is Get Shift Done going to accomplish its mission?

Get Shift Done was launched to employ affected hourly workers in the food service industry to perform shifts for local non-profit organizations and institutions in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Where/how can I find more information about Get Shift Done?

Visit GetShiftDone.org and continue to check back for updates.

Who is Get Shift Done trying to help?

Both the non-profits providing food for people in need whose volunteers were not coming to work due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak and the food service workers who were displaced from their jobs due to the mandatory closing of restaurants. 

Why is Get Shift Done doing this?

When fewer volunteers were coming to work their shifts at food banks and other non-profit agencies dedicated to serving the food insecure, we saw an opportunity to fill those shifts with those from the food service industry and pay them an hourly wage.

Donors and Supporters

How/where do I sign up to donate?

Please visit our website and use our DONATE link.  And thank you.  We are all a community United.

Is Get Shift Done a 501c3?

Get Shift Done for San Antonio is funded by the USAA Foundation, Inc. and a grant from the COVID-19 Community Response Fund created by United Way of San Antonio of Bexar County and the San Antonio Area Foundation, all 501c3 organizations.

Will my donation be tax deductible?


Non-profit Partners

Your web page says Get Shift Done is targeting hunger relief for San Antonio. Can other areas participate?

Yes.  In order to participate, communities need to have a facility that serves the food insecure that is large enough to engage several workers at a time.  The community also needs to have funding in place to pay displaced food service employees who register to work shifts at the agencies. 

What type of non-profit can register to ask for help from Get Shift Done?

We need to work with non-profits who are already accepting food donations, managing the distribution of the food and have facilities large enough to have many workers at a time working shifts.

Is there any criteria to register my non-profit that needs help preparing and delivering meals?

Details about this are included in our app platform.  You can learn more by completing our registration process within the app itself.

After I register my non-profit to request workers, what happens next?

We are working individually with non-profits to address their volunteer needs.  Shifts are assigned after going through our onboarding process.

Can any non-profit register to request workers from Get Shift Done?

We are working with non-profits that are already serving the food insecure and have a need for more volunteers to meet the number of meals required for their community.

Food Service Workers

Is there any prior experience criteria required to register as a displaced worker?

We are supporting workers from the food service industry. 

What documents will I need to register as a displaced worker?

Details about this are included in our app platform. You can learn more by completing our registration process within the app itself.

After I register as a displaced worker, what happens next and how/when will I get paid?

After you register in our app, you are part of the system and every step and feature of the process is handled from there.

Restaurant Partners

As a food service company, what can I do to help Get Shift Done and my former employees?

Register your furloughed employees as one group through our app.  The app can be found here.