About & FAQ

Get Shift Done Austin provides workers left jobless or underemployed by the coronavirus pandemic wages of $15 an hour to work shifts at local non-profit food pantries.

Get Shift Done was founded in North Texas by Anurag Jain and Patrick Brandt in March 2020 to address two critical needs that arose from the Covid-19 crisis: food pantries were experiencing an escalating need for help at the same time thousands of hospitality workers lost their paychecks.

At the same time, Notley, an Austin-based social impact organization, launched HomeFront, an initiative to accelerate innovative solutions and programs addressing issues associated with Austin’s affordability crisis, including homelessness, food insecurity, and unequal access to economic opportunity.

Notley partner, Lawton Cummings, who oversees HomeFront learned about the Get Shift Done model from its co-founder, Anurag Jain, when a mutual friend suggested they speak about their shared passion for innovative philanthropic efforts. Within a short turnaround time, HomeFront, in partnership with Notley brought Get Shift Done to Austin.



The Funding: Donors and Supporters

Where does the money come from to pay the workers?

Get Shift Done Austin pays the workers from funds donated by local philanthropic individuals and organizations. Several pillars of the Austin community, including Capital One, Notley, Tito’s, VitalFarms, Mutual Mobile, Stealth Power, Bob and Laura Campbell, the Reissa Foundation, Gottesman Real Estate, Kelley Knutson, and Matt and Catherine O’Hayer provided the initial funding for Get Shift Done Austin’s launch. Additional donations  are needed to continue the program. HomeFront will accept additional donations to continue the program and any remaining funds will be used to support programs addressing homelessness and hunger relief.

How/where do I sign up to donate?

If you would like to join us in this effort, please donate here.  And thank you.  We are all in this together.

Is Get Shift Done a 501c3?

Yes, Get Shift Done Austin is a program of HomeFront, a 501(c)(3).

Will my donation be tax deductible?

Yes. HomeFront will mail you a donation receipt for tax purposes.

The Shifts: Non-profit Partners and the Shiftsmart App

How do the shifts become available?

Our anchor non-profit organizations, including the Central Texas Food Bank and Mobile Loaves and Fishes, provided Get Shift Done Austin with the days and times for the shifts they would like worked each week. Get Shift Done Austin organized the types of work into three categories: assembly, packing, and delivery. Get Shift Done Austin communicates the shift request to Shiftsmart, an App company that donated the use of its technology to our initiative.

What type of non-profit can register to ask for help from Get Shift Done?

We prefer to have non-profits that are already serving the food insecure and have a need for more volunteers to meet the number of meals required for their community. While we have partnered with some non-profit organizations already, non-profits may request workers from Get Shift Done Austin by filling out the form found here.

After I register my non-profit to request workers, what happens next?

We are working individually with non-profits to address their volunteer needs.  Shifts are assigned after going through our onboarding process.


How do workers sign up for shifts?

Workers download the App and sign up to works shifts at the food pantries. Workers can download the app here.

Is there any prior experience criteria required to register as a displaced worker?

No, although we are initially supporting workers from the hospitality industry. We are supporting workers from the hospitality industry.

What documents will I need to register as a displaced worker?

Details about this are included in our app platform.  You can learn more by completing our registration process within the app itself. The app can be found here.

After I register as a displaced worker, what happens next and how/when will I get paid?

After you register in our app, you are part of the system and every step and feature of the process is handled from there. The app can be found here.

Do I need a vehicle if I’m asked to deliver meals?

We have displaced workers who are using public transportation to get to participating Food Banks to work shifts.  If you do not have a vehicle, you will not be matched to deliver meals.

What about worker privacy on the app?

The information provided in the App will not be sold or used in any other context.

Restaurant Partners

As a hospitality company, what can I do to help Get Shift Done and my former employees?

You may register your furloughed employees as one group through our app.  The app can be found here.